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Children born in neighborhoods with safe parks, fresh produce and clean drinking water can live up to 20 years longer than those born in less advantaged neighborhoods. In communities with poverty, poor air quality, stores that promote liquor and junk food, and a lack of sidewalks or parks, residents are much less likely to be healthy.

Who We Are

We are a movement advocating for health equity through power building, partnerships and narrative change rooted in inclusion and race.

We are residents, young people, community-based organizations, schools, and local government agencies coming together to address critical issues in order to create a #HealthyKernCounty for all.

What We Are Doing


2020 Goal: In South Kern, the education system supports every student and their family in being successful, healthy, and accessing career or college/university programs.

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2020 Goal: In South Kern, we promote community environments that have clean air, water, and land that is conducive to a healthy, active lifestyle for everyone.

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2020 Goal: In South Kern, everyone has access to appropriate, affordable, high quality health services that include a focus on prevention.

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COVID-19 Resources


Free Meals, Free Food, Free Meals for Children

Health Care

COVID-19 Testing, Health Care Services, MediCal, Behavioral and Mental Health

Utilities + Internet Access

Utilities, Free/Low-Cost Internet Access

Undocumented Workers

Resources for Undocumented Workers

Other Resources

Legal Services, LGBTQ+, Students, Business/Employment

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